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Nonprofits are taking advantage of live streams as an opportunity to grow awareness. With this, organizations are able to engage with supporters and grow funds.

In this idea, you can find a relevant documentary or you can make your own documentary or film. You will then host a watch party and gather people virtually to watch the live stream together.

It is important to choose or create a relatable film for your audiences. Something that they can understand and reflect. Include the main reason for your live stream which is the gathering of donations. It is for asking for donations that will not be a tough thing to execute.

Game Tournament

The game tournament is an innovative way of fundraising. You can create a series of games where participants’ skills and endurance will be tested. Each team can register for a fee to compete in a different series of challenges. Top scorers will win prizes.

You can also ask for sponsorships with local businesses. This is for the prizes of the tournament’s participants.

You can make this fun event public where anyone can watch and take part in it.

Online Donations

Online donations refer to the donation page of your website.

If you want to attract donors and supporters online, you need to invest in a website. It informs people about your cause in the most powerful way it can be: online.

In accepting donations online, you should accept before, during, and after an event. It is for the case where donors might have not brought cash with them. With online donations, you are giving the donors the ease of giving.

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