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How To Turn Your Journal Into A Blog

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You need to know where you are going so that you will know what way you are taking.

To be successful in your organization, you need to set acquisition goals. With this, you will be focused on achieving what was planned. You will be able to avoid unnecessary stuff and can maximize great efforts. Make sure to set a timeline of your goals.

Different Types of Fundraising Ideas

Hosting unique fundraiser stuff can be a great idea for a fundraising event. Of course, you can raise money. But aside from that, you can also give the participant something he/she can take as a memento after the event is over.

You can have your own choice of merchandise. It can be t-shirts, hats, rubber bracelets, or anything that you may desire. You may also choose face masks and face shields as your merchandise. These are something that is relevant to the pandemic that is happening right now.

The best part of this is that people are able to promote your organization while wearing them. With those merchandise obtaining your organization’s name, logo, and some informative words. It is an effortless way of spreading the word.

Raffles and Games

Raffles and games give entertainment, engagement, and extract funds, all in one. This idea fuels interest from participants. It is also fresh, allowing everyone to engage.

This idea is fun and can fit in any nonprofit organization fundraiser. Here are some of the fun and interesting in-event games for Raffles and Games.

50/50 Raffle

This idea is easy and some kind of tricky because you will not need an expensive ticket price. The incentive that the winner will get will be a cash prize.

Fifty percent of the total money that you have collected will be the prize that the winner will receive.

Pro Tip: You can divide the total money prize. You can have winners instead of a winner. The more price slots, the more chances of winning, the more attraction you can bring.

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